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Licensed Animal Control

Bob became a licenced trapper in 1987 and has done contract animal control for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. The best method to remove raccoons and other similar pests from around buildings is to live trap them with government approved traps. Live catch traps are especially well suited for residential areas where it is always possible to catch the neighbour's cat which can then be easily released unharmed. Should you decide to catch the critter yourself, be aware that it's always possible to catch a skunk and this can be a tricky situation, especially with a live trap.
On farms and other large acreages, such as golf courses, in addition to live catch traps, we could use redbone coonhounds to locate the raccoons as they often have no apparent fixed address. This tactic  has proven to  be very effective in bringing to justice the culprits responsible for much crop damage.

Please call (905) 505-5390 for a free estimate. Just to give you a ball park for the fees, there is a $50.00 charge for the initial consult and trap set-up. Each animal caught and removed is $50.00 and the release of non-target animals is $20.00. Removal of animals from inside buildings and attics is always more complex and depending on the accessibility, start at $200.00.

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